Speaking in Tongues: A Biblical Perspective
2nd Ed.
by Robert Lindfelt

Bob Lindfelt has put together a comprehensive work on the subject of speaking in tongues with his 2nd edition. There are three new chapters, along with other additions to the book.

The purpose of this book is to take an honest and open look at speaking in tongues from a biblical perspective.

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This 21 page booklet covers the essentials for understanding speaking in tongues, its benefits and how to do it. It is an ideal and affordable publication to share with people about this dynamic manifestation of the spirit. It is also available in Swahili and Spanish.

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Aramaic Peshitta New Testament Translation

With explanatory footnotes marking variant readings, customs and figures of speech
by Janet M. Magiera

Why a New Translation of the Peshitta.

This book is of tremendous value to the serious student of Holy Scripture. It will enable the reader to examine the Holy Scriptures in the language of Jesus and the apostles. Only through the lens of the Aramaic language can one truly understand nuances and meaning lost in other translations of the New Testament. This translation enables the reader to truly see the texts in their original meaning and context and to hear the true power of the Words of God.

The Peshitta sheds light on meanings otherwise lost. Although virtually unknown by most Christians and students of the Holy Scripture in the Western world, this version of the Holy Scripture has remained in tact for at least 1600 years. It is a bridge of understanding between these three great religions. It can break down barriers that need not exist and shed light on the source texts that bring peace, understanding, enlightenment, and salvation. And now you can study the meanings and sounds of the Aramaic language of the Peshitta. This book makes it easy for the average reader to study what has been only available to scholars and Near Eastern churches in the past. What a truly powerful way to glean the life of each word of Jesus and the apostles!

Janet M. Magiera has made a major contribution to those of us interested in knowing the message of the Holy Scripture.

--James J. DeFrancisco, Ph.D., D.Min., MBA
Miltha Ministries, Mishawaka, Indiana

615 pages with History of the Aramaic Language and Appendices

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